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Pangolin 3.3 Injecte JSP Form

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JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology that helps software developers create dynamically generated web pages based on HTML, XML, or other document types.
JSP pages are similar to PHP pages and ASP.NET Web Forms, in that all three add server-side code to an HTML page

Test Environment


CentOS Linux Release 6.0(Final)

Web Server

Apach Tomcat 6.0.36

Java Server Pages Version

Written by NOSEC Tech Team

Injecte Environment


OS : Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3

Pennetrate Test Tool

Pangolin 3.3


Injecte Demo

Download the video

Pangolin 3.3 Released

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Pangolin 3.3 Released

RELEASE NOTE for Pangolin Professinal Edition 3.3(Nov 19 2012)
For product support and the latest release notes, please visit

Product Description:
Pangolin is a SQL Injection Test Tool.

* HTTPS support
* Pre-Login
* Proxy
* Specify any HTTP headers(User-agent, Cookie, Referer and so on)
* Bypass firewall setting
* Auto-analyzing keyword
* Detailed check options
* Injection-points management
* Injection Digger
* Data dumper
* Support Access,DB2,Informix,Microsoft SQL Server 2000,Microsoft SQL Server 2005,Microsoft SQL Server 2008,MySQL,Oracle,PostgreSQL,Sqlite3,Sybase.

New Feature

Faster dumping data in Informix database.
Optimizing DB2,Sybase database injection in union mode.
Several major bugs fixed.
Please view the video about optimization

System Requirements:
Hardware Requirements:
- Intel 800MHZ or AMD K7, Memory 128M

Software Requirements:
- Windows 2000
- Windows XP
- Windows Vista 32 bit
- Windows Vista 64 bit
- Windows 7 32bit
- Windows 7 64bit

Known Problems:

Futher Info:

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